MobileGo is a gaming platform which differs from the rest by offering the cryptocurrencies transactions. This is the 1st one to offer it ever. Such a huge innovation has caused quite a stir on the Internet. People discussed it everywhere for various reasons. Reddit was not an exception. Their users talked on the pros and cons of using the platform, its reliability, and other hot topics about MobileGo coin on Reddit.
The company has created the new cryptocurrency, especially for this purpose. It’s usually marked as MGO tokens. MobileGo is running on blockchain technologies like Ethereum and Waves which not only secures the speed of transactions but allows to exchange their cryptocurrencies for tokens. The token is currently worth 0.3 USD but the price varies.
What else does Reddit say on MobileGo? One of the most used web platforms has everything on the latest news and content as well as tons of people’s options. There the users talk about the scale of the project. Over 200m people use the platform and pay for their favorite games with tokens. Most of the users are excited about this new opportunity. MobileGo allows to buy the games and make in-game purchases. In addition, the platform has really good deals for the game developers. People who are fond of cryptocurrencies discuss the other aspect. They are more interested in how profitable it is to invest in this currency. Some agree that it’s going to be a great long-term investment considering its quality. Others are worried that it won’t bring profit looking at the weekly statistics. There are numerous publications that result in many comments on Reddit. Most people are really interested in the platform and currency leaving many comments and creating the heated discussion.
However, not all people realize that there’s a much bigger idea behind it. The founder of Datcroft Games Ltd (Sergey Sholom) stated that he tries to build the community of gamers uniting them all over the world. It’s gradually turning into the movement GNation. There are over 2 billion gamers in the world that can be united into a very powerful force
So, let’s sum everything up. MobileGo platform offers their users possibilities to pay with cryptocurrencies, get perks for the loyalty, etc. The game developers have good offers (20% more than the rest of the platforms). Everybody is sure to find something appealing.